XMail Administrator


A simple Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP CTRL client for administration of XMail servers.

XMail Administrator was built out of a need for an easy and convenient way to control multiple XMail servers from a remote location, without having to know squat about XMail's configuration files.

I add features that I need, as I need them.  If there's a specific feature you would like to see added to XMail Administrator and it's possible with XMail's CTRL protocol, or if your having trouble with XMail Administrator, drop a line.  If you'd like to see features added to the XMail server, head over to Davide Libenzi's XMail page, and join the mailing list.


XMail Administrator is released without warranty. Use at your own risk


John Kielkopf
Webifi Inc.

Current version / Download:

XMail Administrator 0.26 (installer - full package)  [1.58MB]

XMail Administrator 0.26 (compressed exe)  [72KB]

XMail Administrator 0.26 (just source)  [27KB]



John - Added support for Xmail 1.19/1.20. Xmail Administrator would crash when connectiong to these server versions.


Paul - Fixed error where "" in domains.tab would cause a fatal RTE.

Paul - You can no longer add blank domains. (Which caused above problem)

Paul - 'Print User List' button is now only shown when its applicable.

Paul - Fixed a couple minor bugs/other as reported by users. Thanks D Michael, Miha Novak and Spork for reporting them.

0.24 - John - Xmail Administrator can now see aliases created by other tools with the (suggested by Davide, but contrary to his documentation) "domain" "alias" "user@domain" syntax, and also creates new aliases in this way. It can still view/delete aliases created the "old" way. If you use Xmail Administrator in conjunction with other tools that still use the "old" method, contact those tools authors to see if they also handle this "new" method... If not, those tools will not be able to view aliases created by this version of Xmail Administrator.

Paul - fixed bug when deleting external pop3 links. (Thanks Liron Newman for reporting it.)

Paul - made some of the buttons disabled by default unless there is something selected for it's action to do. (as requested by Liron Newman)

Paul - made some changes to the print out of users for a domain. Tweaked report and added a count. Added prompt to see if you want to include passwords when printing a list of users for a domain.

0.23 - Added ability to view/print users passwords

Added a button for printing a list of users accounts and their passwords for a given domain. Also added checkbox for hiding/showing the passwords for individual user accounts.

There is also a hidden checkbox that will allow you the hide/show the server passwords, but since this would somewhat decrease the security, it has been hidden by default and you need to edit frmMain and set the checkbox to visible at design time to enable this feature. The checkbox control is named "chkHideServerPwd".

0.21 - Added preliminary support for POP3 external links.

Added Michal 'Altair' Valasek's modification to the server version detect code to allow XMail Administrator to work with Czech, and other language systems.

0.20 - Added custom domain handling.

Passwords now stored "encrypted" in the registry. You'll need to Save Changes under Server Properties to convert you current password to the encrypted format. All passwords stored in this format will not be compatible with older versions of XMail Administrator.

0.1i - Added Bill Healy's MD5 authentication code for 0.66+ servers. This will make remote administration of server versions 0.66 and better a bit more secure.

The current server version, and platform is now displayed in the lower right corner (thanks to Mr. Healy).

An executable only download has not been released on this version to try to help alleviate any confusion, since the inclusion of an new DLL for computing MD5 digest has been added to this release.

0.1h - Fixed the "Element not found" error, introduced in 0.1g, when adding or removing users and domains.

0.1g - May have finally resolved "Wrong protocol or connection state" bug.

Editing mail lists should now be possible on Xmail 0.63 servers (as requested by Lukas Frey).

Xmail Administrator now grabs the version of the server its connecting to. (thanks Mr. Healy)

0.1f - Attempted fix for "Wrong protocol or connection state" bug. Not too sure if it will work or not, since I never got this error.

Changed the TreeView to be a bit more intuitive. Servers and domains will default to expandable. If you expand a server (or domain) and there are no domains (or users) after all, then the expansion option will disappear (as requested by Kirk Friggstad).

0.1e - Added alpha sort to the TreeView, so servers, domains, and users will now list alphabetically (as requested by Kirk Friggstad).

Implemented Bill Healy's optimized ListToArray function (thanks Bill).

0.1d - Fixed another problem with command queuing, and canceling.

Stopped allowing servers to be added with a zero length server name. Servers that were added with a zero length name with a previous version of XMail Administrator can now be removed.

Aliases, Redirects, and the mailproc.tab file can now be modified on mail list user accounts. I don't use mail lists much, so please tell me if there are any problems.

0.1c - Fixed a problem introduced in 0.1b that wouldn't allow any command to execute after a failed connection, or any other TCP/IP communication error.

0.1b - Changed the way commands are queued, and retired, to avoid the "Other command in progress, please wait..." message when starting another event before the other had a chance to finish (select a user to view, then change to another before the first loaded).

0.1a - First release


Editing of custom domain files. (done.)

Editing of POP3 external links. (work in progress.)

Misc. file configuration (ipmaps, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I've installed Xmail Administrator and when I attempt to open a server I get the following error:"-00110 bad controller login".

A: When you choose the password you'd like for the controller, you'll need to encrypt it with the "XMCrypt" program included with Xmail server. Take the encrypted result from XMCrypt, and place that in ctrlaccounts.tab on your server as your password... You will still use the un-encrypted password in Xmail Administrator.

Q: Why doesn't XMail Administrator work under Windows 98, or why do I get an "oleauth32.dll is out of date" error?

A: The oleauth32.dll that ships with Windows 98 is not compatible with Visual Basic 6.0 runtimes. You should update Windows 98 with the "Windows 98 Customer Service Pack" available from Microsoft.

Q: Why do I get a "dll not found" when trying to run XMail Administrator?

A: First, you need to have the full package of XMail Administrator. You should run Xmail Administrator.exe from the folder you extracted the entire package to... Or just try the installer package.

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